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UCSB's Evaluation System for Courses and Instruction (ESCI)

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There is always room for improvement, but improvement can not happen without carefully considered feedback. This is true of all endeavors, and your courses are no different. Part of what you are learning at the University is to become a professional in your chosen field of study. An essential element of professional activity, regardless of the field, is providing constructive criticism. The purpose of the ESCI system is to provide a convenient and consistent mechanism whereby you can provide the essential feedback on your courses to the faculty so that they have the information they need to continually improve the courses that they teach.

This system has been in place at UCSB for over thirty years. It has been an invaluable tool for the faculty to gather, analyze and understand student's feedback on their courses. Up to now, that feedback has been gathered using standardized paper Scantron sheets, which are passed out during the last week of instruction collected, scanned and processed into reports for the faculty. As you can imagine, this requires a great deal of paper and entails quite a number of manual logistical steps in getting everything out to the departments, to the right classes, back from the classes to the department, and then back to the ESCI Processing Center in Kerr Hall. In an effort to make the system more sustainable, flexible, and user friendly, we are piloting an online system for delivering the end-of-quarter survey instruments to you.

Regardless of the method by which the questionnaire is presented, the key is that this provides the faculty with very important, and much appreciated feedback on which they can, and do take action to improve the overall quality of the educational experience at UCSB. We hope that we can count on you as responsible partners in this important work.