System is Closed.


  • 1. Is the ESCI survey anonymous?
  • Yes, all ESCI surveys are anonymous. In the paper version, there is no identifying information recorded on the Scantron form. In the online version, the online survey system is completely independent of the system that stores and processes the responses for a given quarter. The intermediate system exists to allow us to know in a given quarter, which courses you are enrolled in, and of those, which ones require an end of quarter evaluation. Once you have submitted a response, there is no way to connect your identifying information to a particular response. In addition, after the raw response data has been imported into the processing system, the intermediate database is scrubbed of all data in preparation for the following quarter.
  • 2. How much time do I have to complete the questionnaire?
  • You will have one hour from the time you load an ESCI questionnaire page until the system times out your session.
  • 3. Why is there a banner graphic in the reminder email?
  • Since the Umail system changed from an on-campus managed system to Connect, run on Microsoft's Cloud services, we noticed a significant drop in delivered reminder emails due to bulk mail throttling on Microsoft's part. We have added the banner graphic as a simple and in-obtrusive way for us to gather data on actual delivery of the reminder messages to help us fine-tune how best to transmit the reminders so that they get delivered to the maximum number of students.
  • 4. I disagree with a Surveys' wording, phrasing or bias -- whom can I notify?
  • You may contact the Esci HelpDesk through this website. We at Instructional Development are not the sole creators of a Surveys' questions; your Department provides the list of questions they request you supply responses to. You should also contact with your Department on issues you have regarding any questions' verbiage.
  • 5. I am a Ucsb Extension student enrolled in a course, can I use this system?
  • At this time you will likely not be able to access the Esci Survey system. Due to technical difficulties we are attempting to remedy only regular students can access the system at this time. It's recommended you submit a help request on this website and request a paper survey for your course if you are unable to login due to being an Extension enrolled student.