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  • Is the ESCI survey anonymous?
    Yes, all ESCI surveys are anonymous. In the paper version, there is no identifying information recorded on the Scantron form. In the online version, the online survey system is completely independent of the system that stores and processes the responses for a given quarter. The intermediate system exists to allow us to know in a given quarter, which courses you are enrolled in, and of those, which ones require an end of quarter evaluation. Once you have submitted a response, there is no way to connect your identifying information to a particular response. In addition, after the raw response data has been imported into the processing system, the intermediate database is scrubbed of all data in preparation for the following quarter.
  • How do I get the email reminders to stop?
    Complete all of the surveys for which you are responsible for the current quarter.
  • How much time do I have to complete the questionnaire?
    You will have one hour from the time you load an ESCI questionnaire page until the system times out your session.
  • I completed my assigned surveys but Gauchospace says I still have surveys to complete?!
    Gauchospace periodically checks the ESCI website for a list of users who have yet to complete their surveys. This check is performed periodically throughtout a day. It may take a few hours for your Gauchospace dashboard notification to disappear after completing your ESCI surveys.
  • I am having trouble connecting to campus Wifi to submit my surveys, Help!
    Due to power outages and technical issues your building's wifi may have technical issues. The UCSB campus network operations hub provides a status page to check on the wifi status of various lecture halls and buildings by referencing the Building Number.
  • I disagree with a Surveys' wording, phrasing or bias -- whom can I notify?
    You may contact the ESCI HelpDesk through this website. We at Instructional Development are not the sole creators of a Surveys' questions; your Department provides the list of questions they request you supply responses to. You should also contact with your Department on issues you have regarding any questions' verbiage.
  • I am a UCSB Extension student enrolled in a course, can I use this system?
    At this time you will likely not be able to access the ESCI Survey system. Due to technical difficulties, that we are attempting to remedy, only registered UCSB students can access the system at this time. It's recommended you submit a help request on this website and request a paper survey for your course if you are unable to login due to being an Extension enrolled student.


  • How often are students reminded, via email, to complete their surveys?
    n a typical two week survey window, student will recieve six email reminders if they have not completed all of the surveys for which they are responsible by the end of the survey window. The email reminders go out on an accelerating schedule with an opening notice at the beginning of the survey window, a first reminder at the end of the first week, a second reminder two days later, and then daily reminders until the end of the survey window. The reminders stop as soon as a student has completed all of the surveys for a quarter.
  • How can I check the response rates for my class(es) while the survey window is open?
    Faculty members and TAs whose surveys are being delivered through ESCI Online can log into with your UCSBNetID and password at anytime during the survey window. Once you are logged in, you can see your response rates by clicking on the "Real-Time Response Counts" link in the menu bar at the top of the web page. Response rates are reported for each class, or section, of yours for which a survey is being hosted online.
  • How can I increase response rates?
    • Make an In-Class Announcement about the ESCI Online Surveys
      The best way to improve response rates is for the instructor to personally encourage his/her students to complete the surveys. In particular, while in class, students find it compelling when the instructor mentions why the evaluation information is useful for improving the course and offers concrete examples of how she/he has used it in the past.
    • Send Electronic Announcements using Email and/or the GauchoSpace Communication Tools
      This lets you reach students who may not have been present for the in-class announcement, and remind the class about the importance of the survey results to you and future iterations of the course. Although students will receive automated e-mail reminders to complete the ESCI evaluations, the personal touch remains the best way to improve response rates.
    • Let Students Complete the Survey Online During Class
      Depending on classroom students who have not already completed the survey can do so in class using a laptop, tablet or smart phone.
      • For reference, a PDF list of general assignment classrooms with wifi coverage and related wifi metrics is available to check if your workspace supports campus Wifi.
        The list shows the distribution of campus wireless for the General Assignment Classrooms. Find your building and room number and the "Max # of Clients (Recommended)" column to see how many devices can connect to UCSB wireless in that room. Also note, that while there may not be direct coverage in your classroom, your room may be covered by a Wireless Access Point (WAP) installed in an adjacent classroom.
      • We strongly suggest asking your students in advance if they have a device that they can bring to your class to complete the survey on. Or, that your students refer to either the Collaborate Instructional Labs listing or the Collaborate Labs Schedule to find an open access computer lab that they may access if they encounter wireless or device issues in your class workspace. Planning ahead for this technology can prevent many small problems.
      • The same general protocol as applies to paper ESCI surveys should be followed if conducting the online survey in class; i.e. after you get them started, you should leave the room.
      • If you do the Online ESCI during class, we would appreciate your feedback and impressions about the process. We ask because we have been getting questions from both the Administration and the Senate committees about the feasibility of this sort of hybrid approach, so any data on how well it worked will be valuable.


  • If our department is using ESCI Online, do we still need to complete the online Survey Request Form every quarter?
    Yes! The Survey Request Form is the only way that we can get accurate data from academic departments about who is teaching each class or section, whether that class or secytion should be surveyed, and if so, which survey to use. Without this informaiton from the department, we do not have all of the informaiton that we need to set the system up correctly for the end of the quarter. Your help is essential!